How to Enter a Room Like a Boss

Charlie Dresow knew when he entered the courtroom that every eyeball would be trained on him. It was the first day of trial for his client, Max Wade. A child of a well-to-do family who was raised in affluent Marin County outside San Francisco, Wade was accused of a crime spree of epic proportions, including a daring heist of celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s yellow Lamborghini, as well as stealing police uniforms and badges, and attempted murder.

When Max Wade was arrested in the Mission Impossible-style theft of Guy Fieri’s yellow Lamborghini, his lawyer Charlie Dresow knew his client would be a courtroom spectacle.

When a luxury sports car had been stolen from the repair shop where it was being serviced, the police brought Max Wade in for questioning. It wasn’t long before he was found guilty of the theft, but later found innocent.

For Charlie Dresow, one case stands out as the pinnacle of his career. For 20 years he fought to defend his client, Max Wade, who was accused of a crime spree so large the entire world heard about it—including Guy Fieri and Justin Bieber. This is his story.